Vehicle Security Systems

Over a million vehicles will be stolen this year and probably more next year. Don’t be a statistic- so called “factory security” simply doesn’t provide the protection you need to keep your vehicle and its contents safe. You don’t want to be part of this statistic, do you? At Performance Car Stereo we want to ensure that you’re not! That’s why we offer the highest quality of personal service and vehicle security anywhere!


Vehicle Remote Start Systems

If you have ever arrived at your vehicle when it’s covered in snow and or ice you can understand how frustrating it can be. The first option of scrapping windows has never really been appealing and often still doesn’t do the job completely. Alternatively leaving the vehicle running with the keys inside as we know is rarely a good idea. Wouldn’t it be nice to arrive at your vehicle to see all the windows defrosted and then jump into a nice warm vehicle? Our team at Performance Car Stereo specializes in Remote Start to ensure quality systems that provide years of reliability & enjoyment.