Ford Bronco Sound Upgrade

Ford Bronco Sound Upgrade


If you’re a proud owner of the new Ford Bronco and find the factory sound system underwhelming, you’re not alone. Many owners have expressed concerns about the limited bass response, lack of volume, and poor imaging caused by inexpensive drivers and too little power. One of our repeat clients from Vancouver recently approached us with similar concerns about his 2023 Ford Bronco and the B&O factory sound system. After discussing potential solutions, we recommended a brand new approach with a premium sound system built to keep up. The first step was replacing the factory speakers with our new Helix I3 Speakers. To improved bass response we fitted a new tailgate subwoofer enclosure with a 10″ Sub . For the overall clarity and control of the sound system we used the Helix M Four DSP with extra support from the Kenwood X8025 for a total system power of 1200 watts. These modifications transformed the sound system to provide optimal sound performance .

Helix i3 Speakers


When it came to upgrading the speakers in our client’s Ford Bronco, the Helix i3 speakers truly stood out with their exceptional audio performance, delivering a rich and immersive sound experience. We recognized that replacing the factory 4″ speaker pods behind the passenger with aftermarket pods housing 6.5″ speakers would be the ideal solution to enhance the Bronco’s audio setup. This simple modification not only significantly increased the volume but also greatly improved the overall sound quality, creating a larger and more impressive soundstage within the Bronco. In addition we also replaced the 4″ speakers with a set of Helix I3 4″ speakers.

Helix M4 DSP


The Helix M4 DSP played a vital role in maximizing the potential of the Helix i3 speakers and subwoofer. It ensured that the audio system delivered accurate, balanced, and immersive sound reproduction, tailored to the specific requirements and preferences of the user.


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Tailgate Subwoofer Enclosure


When it came to adding more bass to the Ford Bronco, space constraints posed a significant consideration for one of our clients who frequently utilized their trunk area. After working on several Bronco projects, we discovered that the most effective solution for an aftermarket subwoofer was utilizing enclosures mounted on the back of the tailgate. This location proved optimal as it required minimal space, allowing us to install a 10″ subwoofer onto the tailgate. By utilizing this innovative placement, we were able to provide the client with the desired bass without sacrificing valuable trunk space in their Bronco.

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