Toyota Tacoma Apple Carplay Upgrade

2021 Toyota Tacoma Apple Carplay Upgrade

2021 Toyota Tacoma Apple Carplay Upgrade

Do you have a Toyota Tacoma and want to take advantage of all the amazing features that Apple Carplay/Android Auto has to offer? Our North Vancouver client came to our shop with his 2021 Toyota Tacoma. The client absolutely loved his Toyota Tacoma but was looking for an Apple Carplay solution and wanted a larger screen to display not only the features of Apple Carplay but his factory back up camera. Taking this into consideration we landed with the client on installing a Kenwood DMX1057XR.


Kenwood DMX-1057XR

The Kenwood DMX-1057XR is a great choice for anyone looking for an all-in-one car audio experience. With this receiver, you will have the ability of Wired and Wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. This means you can use your smartphone to access the multimedia receiver via wireless connection with no need of a physical connection! Additionally, the panel USB port allows fast charging of your device so you don’t miss out on any calls or messages while driving. You also get Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility so you can easily pair up your phone with this receiver. On top of that, it also has built-in Bluetooth so that you can conveniently stream music from any compatible devices such as smartphones or tablets! Plus, it features HD Radio technology which lets you enjoy crystal clear sound quality with no additional subscription required.




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Not everyone needs to upgrade their audio system’s performance, but many clients of Toyota Tacoma have taken advantage of the great new features available with aftermarket audio systems. With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, there is a vast array of information features and connectivity that can be added to the radio. With Apple CarPlay, clients are able to access their phone’s contacts, messages, music library, and more without taking their hands off the wheel. Android Auto also offers similar features but with an additional ability for voice commands.



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