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Rock your boat with the best Marine products from Performance! We bring in top quality equipment that withstands our West Coast weather and will bring you season after season of great quality music! Performance offers a wide range of head units, speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers and lighting upgrades from the top brands in the industry to keep you rockin’ all summer long!


Certified and insured to perform onsite services at all local Marinas, including:


  • Burrard Yacht Club                            Lynnwood Marina                    Sunset Marina
  • Deep Cove Marina                             Mosquito Creek Marina          Thunderbird Marina
  • Lions Bay Marina                               Royal Van Yacht Club               West Van Yacht Club
  • Lions Gate Marina                             Sewells Marina

Marine Services

Upgrade or Add Speakers

Thinking your sound system needs some love? Are your speakers crackling or sounding muffled with no real output? Bring your music back to life with high quality Marine speakers that will give you that detail and clarity you crave! Our Marine speakers are built to last and will keep your tunes rockin’ year after year!

Head Unit Upgrade

Give your boat’s sound system a needed upgrade with a brand new head unit! Connect your phone via Bluetooth to stream your favorite tunes or add a remote control (or two) connected to the head unit to control your music.

Add a Subwoofer

Is the stereo on your boat not sounding as complete as other sound systems in your life? Add some bass with a Marine Subwoofer designed to provide a smooth, precise and balanced bass response to your music while withstanding the harsh marine environment.

LED Upgrades

When the sun goes down don’t let the lack of light end your night! With custom LED lighting that can not only look great inside, but can also make you more visible to other boaters on the outside, using exterior LEDs. Even change the colors at your will with variable RGB lighting!

Tower Speakers

Just because you’re being towed, doesn’t mean you have to be left out from the party! Tower speakers are a great addition to blast big sound out onto the water while your rippin’ the tube or jumpin’ the wake! Send those tunes far out on the water!

Onsite Service

Let us come to you! Our fast and efficient onsite services makes getting your boat worked on easier than ever. For an onsite evaluation please reach out to us at (604)-986-1171 or

Featured Products – Head Units

Featured Products – Speakers

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