Porsche Carrera S DSP Upgrade

Porsche Carrera S DSP Upgrade

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your car audio system is to add a digital signal processor (DSP) and amplifier with high quality speakers. An aftermarket amplifier will help improve sound quality by providing more power than the stock car audio system well the DSP will send a cleaner signal to the speakers, which can provide better sound quality. Our client from Vancouver came into the shop with his Porsche Carrera S and was unsatisfied with his current stereo system. The client was looking for cleaner sound quality well having more control over his overall stereo system. After taking this into consideration we recommended to the client to upgrade his current sound system with the Helix P Six DSP MK2 and replace his factory speakers with Blam’s Signature Series.



Helix P Six DSP MK2

The Helix P Six DSP MK2 is a powerful and versatile 6-channel amplifier that provides up to 600 watts of channel power and 2,400 Watts of range amps. Its integrated DSP ensures perfect control over audio system settings such as volume, tone, and crossover points. Additionally, the MK2 utilizes advanced power save technology to minimize power consumption when in standby mode. The amplifier also features 4 ohms impedance for maximum efficiency in any audio system.It is the perfect control centre for any audio setup providing an optimal balance between sound quality and power savings without sacrificing performance or reliability.

With the help of a digital sound processor, you can easily manipulate your audio gear to sound better and more accurate than ever. You can use modern DSP technology to separate audio signals, force your audio gear, or measure output levels. Additionally, you can use an appropriate microphone to distributing audio signals in a way that will make the most of your equipment. It’s also possible to use a DSP unit to correct the output levels of any electronics or speaker in your car, depending on the environment at hand.    

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