Safety & Collision Avoidance

Safety & Collision Avoidance Solutions

Front and Rear Dash Cams 

Give your vehicle an extra a set of eyes and ears that can record with a Dash Camera. All of our products come with high definition cameras that show the true image, day or night. On board motion sensors automatically turn on when you shut your vehicle off, allowing the dash camera to record any significant movement in the camera’s view while parked. These recording devices give you peace of mind on or off the roads, day and night.


Rear / Front View Cameras and Sensors

Help yourself park into those tight spots with a backup camera or a set of ultrasonic parking sensors. Couple them both together for the best sense of awareness where you see the least. The cameras we have are wide angle, full colour, and will withstand the weather here in Vancouver. These Cameras can be integrated into factory systems on newer vehicles so you don’t have to sacrifice look for functionality. We can also colour match the sensors to your car!

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Safety & Collision Avoidance Solutions

Dash Cameras

The Black Box for your car. We supply only the best dash cameras for your vehicle to ensure that your covered when someone hits your precious ride. Even while you’re parked and away from the vehicle, we can have the camera record any events that happen.

Ultrasonic Parking Sensors

Ultrasonic Parking Sensors are used to give you piece of mind when parking in cramped areas. Parking sensors can help you get through tough to navigate areas with visual and audio indicators so you can be sure you are clear of all obstacles. We can even paint the sensors to make them look like they were manufactured with the vehicle!

Backup Cameras

See what’s around you day or night with a wide range of cameras offered at Performance! With so many different options and types of cameras available, it’s best to bring the vehicle down to find the right solution. The video signal from the front or rear back up camera can appear in your factory radio screen, aftermarket headunit, or into a replacement rear view mirror. 


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