Alarm & and Remote Start

Alarm & Remote Start



Start your vehicle, find your car and stay secure with the latest and greatest in vehicle security from Performance! We offer a wide range of security options and smart phone compatibility so you can be sure your vehicle is secure from anywhere your travels may take you.

Remote Start


Have the comfort and convenience of starting your car, without being in your car! Warm it up in the winter, or cool it down in the summer. We offer a wide variety of remote starters from a simple single button, to dedicated applications on your smartphone!

GPS Tracking


Forgot where you parked at the airport after a long trip? Never be stuck looking for your vehicle again with the ease and convenience of the Drone Mobile app! Drone offers real time GPS tracking of your vehicle so you can find it anytime, anywhere!

Keyless Entry


The latest in keyless entry has never been so easy, with a hands free, keyless entry system from Compustar. With EZ GO, your doors will unlock when you come within a five foot radius of the EZ GO antenna, and conveniently lock when you exit the surrounding area. Enjoy your day without wondering if you really did lock that back door.

Two Way Remote


Be notified right away if your vehicle is being broken into, has been bumped or is being towed. Two way remotes will instantly alert you of any disturbances to your vehicle’s security system from over 1500 meters away! One remote can monitor up to two vehicles at a time, so you can cut down on remotes and maintain great security features!

Smartphone Integration


Not sold on the idea of another device in your pocket? Let boundaries be a thing of the past and connect your car security to your smartphone from virtually anywhere! Drone makes it simple to check the status of your vehicle, locate it via GPS, remote start and so much more with nearly limitless range, all you need is cellular data or a wifi connection

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